Our vision is to accomplish the following: (1) Provide Transitional  and Crisis Coaching to individuals. (2) Assist in developing Transformational Leaders.


Put simply, HOPE Initiative is executing a two-phase strategy:

(1) 5R Circle Process Coaching & Workshops. (2) Salt & Light Conferences. 

Dr. Jonathan C. Carey serves as  EQUIP's Regional Director for Salt & Light - Caribbean English speaking countries. Learn More...


Our efforts center around:

Developing and maintaining meaningful partnerships with Kingdom Minded Organizations.

Strategy begins with The 5R Circle Process Weekend. Leaders and teams will be facilitated through the process and emerge with a vision blueprint. Learn More...  


We also provide ongoing partnerships designed to help pastors, leaders and individuals produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. See below.



"Using powerful biblical references and practical illustrations of the process that leads to vision building, Rev. Carey provides for his readers a good guide for a meaningful achievement in life. Not only does he present the positive opportunities that vision building presents, he also speaks to the challenges that those seeking to do so must encounter and provides wisdom for overcoming those challenges.

This work will be useful to leaders in all kinds of organizations, be they church, business, school, or government. It will also be helpful for those simply seeking to gain a clearer focus in life. I recommend it to readers as a useful work by a truly gifted and insightful teacher.”

Zhivargo S. Laing
Former Minister of State for Finance The Bahamas

5R Circle Process


Hope for those in transition & crisis !

The HOPE Initiative uses The 5R Circle Process as an innovative approach to Life coaching. Through this approach, participants receive a proven system; support and practical feedback to help them effectively address their personal shifts in vision, challenges, and goals. 

The second part focuses on your Uniquely You Personal DISC Profile. It is here where a clear presentation of the gospel message of Jesus Christ is given. 

The Faith-Based Personality DISC Profile gives insights on:

  •   Relationships
  •   Rearing Children
  •   Money Matters
  •   Leadership