After the weekend we will consult with you, design and implement a coaching and training plan.

Our Strategy begins with The 5RCircle Process Weekend, leaders and their teams will be facilitated through the process and emerge with a vision blueprint.

The 5RCircle Process has been developed to give you a working tool for building your vision. It was developed over a three-year field-tested exercise and has proven to be worthwhile and effective for various organizations and ministries.

The Objectives of the Weekend Seminar are as follows:

  • To explain the value of understanding shifts and challenges in your vision
  • To help you see the importance of, and a commitment to, the development of a complete vision for your organization or ministry
  • To present the 5RCircle Process of a complete vision
  • To provide a format for your team to use the 5RCircle Process in the development or revision of your complete vision

Here is the developmental process that will be used in building your vision:

  • Recap your History
  • Recognize your shifts in Vision                                          
  • Rework your Challenges
  • Rewrite your Vision
  • Redesign your Hinge Statements  

Dr. Eddie Rivero


Dr. Eddie Rivero, our Director of Training  has 30+ years of experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, public speaker, and community leader. 

" I have experienced the different nuances of leading teams and individuals (paid and volunteer) and I'm very confident that I can provide every training solution you will ever need".

He is looking forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a more successful leader and/or organization.